Mystic Moon Curved Mask

Mystic Moon Curved Mask

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These masks are one size and fit a medium face. 

Measurements (please allow a few millimetres difference)

Height 6 inches on curve.

Length without elastic 9 inches 

Dr Tam has announced wearing non medical masks is encouraged, it is a way to protect others. Please do not come after me about the effectiveness of these, do your own research and wash your hands.

This listing is to pick a specific print for the fabric (elastic may still be variable) we can not promise the exact cut of the fabric chosen but the print will be your choice. You can not change your choice after your order has been placed. We will be adding more choices soon. Boudoir print is slightly darker in colour than out boudoir dress please note.

All masks are final sale for hygiene reasons.   We are unable to answer emails and messages about masks at this time as we need to be using this time to make them.

These masks are made of a double layer of cotton with a filter pocket to add a third layer, elastic around the ear and a wire bar across the bridge of the nose. The elastic can be tied into a smaller size if needed. These items are shipped letter mail with a stamp and we are only shipping these items to Canada and USA at this time. Coupons can not be used for these purchases and if one is used your order will be cancelled. 


These are made to order and can take up to one week before shipping. 

Following information cited from The Boston Globe.

“A nonmedical mask will not protect you from a direct cough or sneeze from an infected person, but if you’re practicing good social distancing, any type of face covering is great protection from your biggest threat: your own hands.”

If you want to wear a mask please understand you don’t need an N95 for day to day use, they are better left for medical professionals who NEED them. Best option is to continue to just stay home.

If you do have to go out and want to wear one you need to know it isn’t an invincibility cloak, you still need to practice social distancing and hand washing. Standard masks are better for keeping things in than out; they can reduce your own droplet spread if used correctly.

Just remember to practice good mask hygiene if you choose to wear a fabric mask:

- Wash hands before putting on and after taking off mask
- Change throughout the day especially if coughing or sneezing
- if you touch the mask while wearing it immediately wash your hands
- keep clean masks in their own container
- keep dirty masks in their own container (wash in HOT water)
- do not leave clean or dirty masks laying around to be contaminated or to contaminate!!!
- should go without saying but do not share/lend masks